Who Am I?

When I read a blog, I always wonder, who is this person? How do I relate to them? What do they look like? So for my very first thing, I will tell you about who I am and how I relate to the world. This blog is not here to make me seem perfect. If anything I am putting it out there to show that people DON’T have to be perfect! So I will try to put it into a “nutshell” for you.

First off, I am a mother. I have 2 children. Punk is turning 7 at the end of Aug 2012. And Bear who is 9 1/2. Above all I am their Mother. I am the snuggler, I am the giver of hugs (even if they are unwanted in public). I make food which is generally deemed “The best dinner EVER” until the next night. Nothing fancy, just good. I don’t pretend to be healthy. I tried that, it made me sad. I am a total Sugaraholic. If it has sugar, chances are I like it, except for Necco wafers, those taste like chalk to me.  There is not a single day that goes by that I don’t have coffee. My kiddos say that if I had a signature scent it would be cupcakes and coffee ( Yankee Candle should get on that).

I try to be organized, but sometimes I fall short. I am a MASTER of “making it work”. I forget, I apologize and I fix. Then I try to sit back and laugh at it all. Example: While working on getting my home kitchen certified, I made sure I had my checks, paperwork, certifications etc, I drove to the Dept of Health. While I was there, the girl looked at me funny. I looked down at my shirt and realized I was wearing a “No Kitchen Required” t-shirt. On the front of this shirt it read “Health Codes Will Be Violated”. Lucky for me, the inspectors had a sense of humor. They ended up taking a photo of me with the sign. Next time I will pay more attention to my outfit.

2nd only to being a mother, I am a baker. I own my own place out of my home. VCVC Cupcakes is a passion of mine. Some jobs are done because we have to, I do this because I WANT to. It is worth the sweat in my small kitchen, and the ache in my hands after frosting a big order, just to see the looks on the faces of people when I hand them their Frostitution. Food isn’t a way to my soul, it IS my heart and soul.

So just for fun…. THINGS I LOVE

My family (duh)

Hedgehogs ( have you met Hermonie?)

Cupcakes (Happiness in your hand)

Pajama Pants (Yoga pants are just PJ pants for going into public)

The Bruins and the Patriots (I shaved Milan Lucic’s head!!!)

My Susan G Komen pink 6qt Kitchen Aid mixer (her name is Roxy)

Tattoos (when done well, there are some pretty interesting ones out there)

The Beach (I was born with my feet in the sand)

Awesome shoes

Tiffany’s (my Kriptonite)


Spiders (creepy little things)

Horseshoe Crabs (they aren’t crabs, they are SPIDERS!!! really!)

People who can’t drive well, but do anyhow. (don’t get me started after what I saw today)

Socks (I think they have sex and multiply in my living room)

Cat hair (good lord this stuff gets everywhere)

Waking up early (If I am up before 7, I better be going overseas)


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I am trying to follow you and I cant find your follow me button. I hope this is not a private blog. I enjoyed reading and your recipes. Fellow New Englander here. I love the Patriots.

    • I think that my follow button is to the very top left of my page… But I am pretty new at this so I could be wrong. Ohhh I Love my Patriots!!! We went to the Superbowl last year… had a blast.. even with the loss *moment of silence*. Thanks for following!!!

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