Apple Season is Upon Us!

So summer has come and gone with the speed of sun and light yet again this year. Summer is truly my favorite time of year. I adore the sun and the long days. This year was especially amazing. I spent a week back “home” on Cape Cod as we do every year, but this year my Mom and Gram were too sick to come. I was lucky to find solace and tons of smiles in the happiness of my college roommate and her family who happened to be only a few miles away also for the week. I never had any sisters, but if I did, I would want them to be just like these girls. I truly counted myself lucky to spend this time with this family. They came all the way from FL.  We chased fireflies, went to a brewery in the early morning, played glow tag in the sprinklers of a golf course at night, and hung out at my childhood pond. It was amazing. It was one of those times in your life where everything slows down and becomes ok for just a little while.

Now fall is upon us, I am waiting for the leaves to change and for the smell of a fire in a fireplace off in the distance to waft by as I walk home one night. I am not nearly patient enough though, I had to go apple picking with the kids. It is my favorite fall activity. The kids and I go up to Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, MA.  We go there so my Mom can come. While there are hills, there are also flat areas where she can walk easily. And my gosh it is gorgeous. There is a mini corn maze, the best cider donuts ever and chickens, sheep, and goats to feed. All in addition to apple picking.





The best part of picking apples is all the amazing apples that we come home with. I adore apple pie and apple crisp. This year we discovered Fortune apples. I have had some bad luck recently and so Bear and I decided to pick some fortune apples, hoping that it might bring us some good fortune. We ate one immediately. It was delicious!! We picked a ton of them. That night I made apple pie. It came out amazing. I am now a HUGE fan of fortune apples. They were perfectly crisp and just a little sweet. They didn’t break down and get all squishy, but they aren’t hard either. They are just right.

The one thing I hate about making apple based food products is peeling and coring them. I hate that round coring devil with a passion. There have been years where I had bruises on the palms of my hands from it.  Until I found an “Apple peeler/corer” This thing is a-h-h-mazing!!! It gets suctioned onto my counter next to my sink on the first day of fall and doesn’t leave until after Christmas. I think everyone needs one!! It will cut your baking prep time in half!!! Seriously, get one. Thank me later!

peelercorerNow…. go make yourself some pie!