My Wishes for them


Since I am divorced, I only get the joy of ringing in the new year with Punk and Bear every other year. Last year we went into Boston for the parade and fireworks with friends for some chilly wholesome fun. I loved it. This year it was just Goalie and I. So adult fun it was… Off to the House of Blues to see the Amazing Royal Crowns and Mighty Mighty Bosstones in the Hometown Throwdown. It was something I started going to way back in High School. In 1997/1998 I saw them at the Worcester Centrum with Bim Skala Bim, Dropkick Murphy’s, Letters To Cleo and the Bosstones. This year the Amazing Royal Crowns were back with the Bosstones. It was a dream The only thing missing was the old venue, dirty, dingy, stale beer smelling basement of the Middle East. But I understand and appreciate WHY the venue was moved. For once, there was no scrounging for tickets. I didn’t have to sit by my computer and pray that I got two, because scalpers would scoop them up and resell them for 10x the value. (and yes, I generally had a team of people doing the same thing. We always got tickets one way or another). But it shouldn’t be that way, and I can appreciate the dedication to the fans, and the band not wanting that to happen, so a much bigger venue was a good answer and the House of Blues did a great job.

One ¬†of my traditional requirements for a Bosstones show, no matter how old I get or how bad my knee is (one year it was REALLY bad), is that I MUST be in the front row. Goalie knows this and respects it. In the last break when everyone runs for the bar, we run for the stage. We get crushed, mushed, smushed, beer spilled all over us. It doesn’t matter, it is all part of the experience to be that close to see Ben Carr dance and Dickey Barrett sing.



So as I am being slammed around, blissfully happy I realize something, a wish for my children. I wish for them to be this happy, no matter what it may be. Whether it is seeing a band, or a sports team, playing a game or falling in love. I also wish for them to have my support like my mother supported me in music. She was never a fan of ska. But she never questioned it. When I said I was going to a show, no matter what it was, she just said, “Have fun and be safe.” I know she worried. But she pretended to be happy for me. When I came home all excited, I would wake her up to let her know I was home and safe and tell her a quick run down of the night, even though I am sure she just wanted to go back to sleep because I could surely tell her in the morning. But she listened every time, even if she had to work early the next morning. She never complained when I called really late to play her that one song she might know over the phone, even though she couldn’t tell what it was because it was too loud and vibrating so bad.

This year my Mom asked my what I wanted for Christmas. There wasn’t much on my list. I wanted family time. I have to share my time, so I like to make the most of what I have. I like to hear the giggles, the belly laughs. So this year, she got us season passes to a local indoor water park. My wish for us as a family this year, is memories. I am going to work really hard to make sure everyone is happy and we have an epic year.

PS…. have I mentioned that I can finally say that we are getting married THIS YEAR!?!??!