Popping in!

Before she got really sick, my Grandmother was one of my big supporters in my cupcake business. She would always find little gadgets for the kitchen and ask me, “Don’t you need this?” or “Won’t this help you?” Sometimes the answer was “Yes that is genius!!” and sometimes I stared at a picture in a catalogue like Ariel staring at a fork wondering what the hell the dinglehopper did. One thing she asked me about was a BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker. At the time I said no thanks because a: I thought it was too expensive and b: I made my cake pops by hand. It was very labor intensive but they were REALLY good. I mixed the frosting and the cake together before dipping it. But it involves freezing, food processors making frosting, baking a cake, hand shaping, dipping and time, tons and tons of time. After a few orders I was looking around my local big box store and I saw that they had the BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker on sale, so I figured I would give it a shot. Darnit, Gram was right! That thing is SO easy!

You start out making your batter. Then you fill the bottle that comes with the maker. After which you squirt batter into the “dents” on the bottom of the maker. I found it works best if you almost fill the bottom of the “dents”. Close the maker, flip it over, leave for 4 min (don’t try to open it, you WILL make a mess, trust me on that one), ¬†after 3-4 min flip back and use the fork tool (included) to remove your pops onto the white cooling trays (also included).

While I was looking for photos to include here, I saw that there was many different styles. I got the pink waffle iron style that flips over. It is REALLY awesome and I truly wish I had gotten it earlier. This is a photo of mine. The only thing I am not a HUGE fan of is the bottle. While it works, I wish there was a way to “burp” it better so that the thick batter would come out easier.


I don’t think it needs to be said, but just incase, all opinions are my own. I was not sponsored by or asked by anyone to write this post. Heck they don’t even know I am doing it!!

So while I probably won’t admit to her that she was right, I don’t even know if she would remember suggesting it at this point, I will take Gram some baked treats. One of her favorite things is Pumpkin donut holes from Dunkin Donuts. So last night I made some with the maker and I will bring them over to her since they are out of season at Dunkin. It doesn’t just have to be used for CakePops. I also plan to use it for Thanksgiving to make some Waffle Bites, for the kids to munch on while watching the parade.


So Happy Thursday, I am off to shovel the first snow of the season off my doorstep!!! Keep Warm everyone!