Thanksgiving, Our Way.

I made it thru this year and I would call Thanksgiving a success. So before I begin… here is the legal disclaimer- I am an Allrecipes Allstar Brand Ambassador (a voluntary position) and I’m not compensated for my work with

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So, lets talk turkey. This was my best one yet. I managed to defrost the turkey (Past fail #1 overcome), then I managed to take the neck out the the body (past fail #2 over come), but try as I might I could not find the bag of giblets  So I called in Goalie who rooted around violating the turkey a little bit more. We even brought in the high powered flashlight and shined it up his ass. (the turkey’s not Goalie’s) Still no bag of gross was found. (past fail #3… inconclusive). So I went to my my favorite website and found this video on HOW TO PREPARE A TURKEY. Easy, simple.. perfect. I am a big fan of garlic salt so I chose to use that. I chopped 1 onion, threw in a hand full of baby carrots and chopped up some celery. I put a little in the turkeys butt  (I felt we had already violated him enough) and put the rest under the poor guy.  Then I slathered him in melted butter, garlic salt and a dash of pepper. Into the oven he went! Easy yes? Yes.

On to the cornbread stuffing. I followed the recipe here for MOIST AND SAVORY STUFFING. I made the horrific mistake of using cornbread stuffing. Yeah, don’t do that. I really liked using the Swanson Chicken broth to make the stuffing and I would defiantly do that again. Even when I make Stovetop. It was just the texture of the cornbread stuffing that I was not a fan of. It was very mealy and grainy to me. Everyone had some though, and it got eaten without complaint, so I guess it was not that bad.

For the vegetables I mixed some carrots and green beans and I used the QUICK AND FLAVORFUL VEGETABLES recipe, (again from What would I do without them?). We were unable to locate the Flavor Boost, but I am super excited to try it. So I used used regular chicken stock on this one. The veggies were really good. Everyone ate some Punk and Bear didn’t complain at all. Even tho there was no butter on anything. So that was nice.

My favorite part was the potatoes. Very easy to make. I peeled them into a recycled shopping bag while we watched the parade and then I boiled the heck out of them. Then I went Ultra Creamy. Potatoes have been a nemesis for me. There was the year they were lumpy, the year they crunched, the year I didn’t have a masher, oh yes and they year I just gave up and made them out of a box. Not even kidding. But this year, they were amazing. I am sure my trusty Kitchen Aid helped but so did Swanson!!!

So back to the turkey, It came out of the oven right on time… looking amazing. I laughed, telling my mother about the fact that we had a special turkey because ours came without the sack of gross stuff. “Did you check both ends?” she asked me. Ummm what? Goalie and I looked at each other, in all my years I didn’t know you had to violate a turkey from both sides. Either way, this was my moistest turkey every. It was literally perfect. Even when we warmed it for leftovers, it was juicy. So I don’t care it I didn’t conquer all my past fails, and I didn’t brine it or cover it in bacon. I made and awesome turkey this year. For that, I am thankful.