Oh Baby Baby It’s a Wild World

I always have to laugh a little. I don’t quite fit in. Not in a bad way, THIS blog by Cupcake Rehab got me thinking about it. I fall into the vortex in between the PTO and tatto’d Tardis loving baker bloggers. This has become most apparent with my wedding planning. Is there such thing as a shabby chic geek wedding with a ton of sparkle and crystals? I feel so bad for my wedding planner, I swear she will end up in therapy because of me.

So lets delve into the cupcake mistress and tear me apart and see what you think. Personally I don’t care where I “fit” I am who I am… and I am the happiest I have been in years.

As a mother I am very strict. Almost to the point where I feel bad for my kids, BUT because I am strict they are well behaved and are able to go places other kids their ages have never been. Last year I took Bear to the Superbowl XLVI. His first concert was the Dropkick Murphy’s with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Fenway Park, he also went to Cuts for a Cause and met all the Boston Bruins. Punk got to go see Miranda Cosgrove 2 summers ago in a very small venue and has been to Patriot Games. I also took them to Times Sq when they were 3 and 5 at 10pm with a lightning storm on the way. Thankfully it waited until we left at about midnight and were driving back to our hotel in Jersey and gave us an amazing show. They have learned not to whine when their feet are tired, not because I have yelled at them or because they get in trouble, but because they never know what adventure awaits them next and rest will come soon… but that adventure won’t be there later. I believe that life is a series of experiences. Take every chance you get, big or small. It could be a chance to walk a trail in the fall or a chance to go to London.

School always comes first. Grades have to be kept up. I don’t accept anything less than a B. Like I tell the kiddos, I don’t get mad, but you will spend more time doing homework and if you don’t have any, I’ll make some for you. So that those grades do come up. And that time could better be used out on adventures. But in the end, the things they learn in the world around them are just as important as those they learn from a book. I know many people in my life who are so “book smart” yet can’t cross a busy road without almost getting run over. 

So I may have tattoos, I can’t knit ( I have tried and tried ), I love BIG storms, I love glitter and tiffany blue boxes, I am a total geek who’s heart flutters at the sound of the Tardis, and I love to challenge my kids on Mario games, but in the end I am a Mom and I am me. If I ever needed a support group for people like me, I think I would be SOL. But I am lucky to have family and friends who are supportive to so I don’t need that group of crazies!!!




Chicken Corn Chowdah!

I am a child of the ocean. I was born in PA (shhh don’t tell) and moved to Cape Cod before I could walk. I was raised in the bay and cranberry bogs. I lived there for 20+ years among fishermen and cranberry bogs. When I was 15 I went to work for WHOI/NOAA Aquarium in Woods Hole, MA. When I left the other intern and I started the “Free the Lobsters” campaign and released all the lobsters in the touch tank back into the ocean. I am sure they got new ones, but at least the ones that had been tortured by little kids all summer had a chance at a new life in the harbor. When I was 22, I volunteered at the New England Aquarium in the Seal/Sea Lion Dept. It isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Most of my days were spent prepping mackerel for the animals. But it was totally worth it. But one thing I realized while working for WHOI/NOAA was that for me, eating fish was not an option. It just didn’t feel right. I could not eat fish and then come work with them the next day.


Then I met the love of my life. His family was amazing. His father used to be an Alaskan fisherman and was now a boat captain. They had looked past all of the mistakes I had made in my past and how I was trying to get back on my feet. The thing I dreaded most was telling them, I did not eat fish. But they accepted that too for the most part. Sometimes they still try. But I just eat around it. It isn’t an allergy, it is a life choice. As Bruce in Finding Nemo said “Fish are friends, not food.” I don’t mind people eating fish in front of me. I don’t lecture them, I just chose not to eat it myself.


That being said, I did grow up on the Cape, and when I DID eat fish I loved Clam Chowder. The thick kind filled with clams and a white cream sauce was the best, if it had a little bacon in it, you hit the clam chowder jackpot. I do miss it. I have tried corn chowder in a few places, but it is never quite a good substitute. It is too thin or too watery, tasteless or just bland. Then I found this recipe for CORN CHOWDER. I fell in love. I have never made soup like this before. I wasn’t sure I could do it. But I did. No cans involved. And it was amazing. Even the kids asked for seconds. Not abnormal, except for the fact that I had forgotten to buy crackers!! They ate soup with no crackers! I will totally do this again. It is perfect for the weather coming up around here. A chill in the air… before we know it the snow will be here. I will have to keep everything on hand so when we are snowbound, I can make this tasty treat!


Living Socially in a Small Bakery

One area in which I totally fail is advertising. I know next to nothing about it. Quite often I just go on gut feeling. In the past I worked twice with a company called Eversave. It got the VCVC Cupcake name out there and I made a little money too!!! So I was not not totally shocked when a girl contacted me from one of their rival companies called Living Social, saying they wanted to work with me. She had originally worked for Eversave and had moved to the larger company. She had remembered how successful my save had been and thought that I might be able to benefit from a wider reach. After about 4 emails back and forth discussing details, I was waiting for a contract. What I recieved instead was this statement : I just submitted the offer to my team and unfortunately we just put a rule into effect that any offer relating to food must have a store front location. This was a rule that just went into effect that I wasn’t even aware of so I do apologize. What I would like to do is keep your information if you do end up selling your cupcakes out of a specific location.

This bothered me on many levels:

1. She approached me because of my success in the past. So that has to run on the assumption that she knows SOMETHING about my business.

2. Even if she didn’t, it was discussed several times in going over the details of previous emails.

3. How is a brick and mortar store something less than a small home based custom cupcake business that has the same business license and food permits?

4. Who are they to decide that? It all sounds fishy to me.

5. I do sell my cupcakes from a specific location, my home.

It is true, I do not have a “store front”. I often get asked why. I live in a small town. At the current count this small town has  5 bakeries. In the past year 3 others have closed, one of which had been open for many years. I currently do not have the money to put into rent for a store front which does not go cheaply here. I also have a family, and it is important for me to be there for that family. Having my bakery at home allows for that. I can do both, I can help with homework and whip icing at the same time. I can work while the children sleep, and not have to pay a sitter. Above all that, having a store front would mean employing people. Promising them a job would be there tomorrow, next week and next year. I can’t promise myself that at this point, it is not fair to put someone other than myself in that position. I am able to control my overhead here, I am able to take care of my family and my business, I am proud of what I am doing, whether Living Social thinks it is good enough for them or not.

So whether or not you shop at Living Social any more is up to you, but I for one WAS an avid shopper there. I will not longer use any of their services because they are unsupportive of small businesses like mine. That is their choice, but I think it is a poor one.

For what it is worth, of all the current bakeries in my town, I currently have the highest rating on YELP. Not perfect, but I am working on it!!!

Girl Crush

I have a total girl crush… and this is why…Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of Pumpkin or Cheesecake. But I would scarf those down until I couldn’t fit thru the door!!! I can’t wait to make those tonight. Looks like my chocolate chip cranberry cookies will wait till tomorrow… maybe.

I have to say, I have an amazing man. I get claustrophobia. Not the kind where you feel scared in an elevator. The kind where I need to travel. Growing up I didn’t always have much money, but my Mom would throw me in the car, bleary eyed, at 4 am or earlier and off we would go. We went to Newport, Williamsburg, Florida, Kittyhawk, Niagra Falls, Mystic, Maine, so many amazing places. And I saw more because we drove. When I got into High School my Mom inherited some money and she used it to show me the world, Scotland, London, Paris, St. Maarten, Cruises, Tahiti. I have been so many places and I am so grateful. I think that traveling is just as educational as sitting in a classroom. But to this day a 8-10 hour drive is nothing to me. I am lucky because it is nothing to Goalie either. The downside to this is the claustrophobia. If I am home for too long, I get cranky, restless. I need to get out. It doesn’t have to be far, I just need to go. Goalie is always more than willing to oblige.

Goalie also has a streak of luck in him. He worked hard and won a trip from his old job to Costa Rica, where he proposed to me. Probably the most romantic night of my life. We had just landed and gotten to the resort with his other co-workers. It was a long trip. We had left at 2am, it was not close to 9pm Eastern time. But the sun was about to set on the beach, so he insisted we go walk, I couldn’t wait to see it. We walked along the beach until there wasn’t a soul near us…. just us, the sun setting and the ocean. That was where he proposed. It was magical, perfect and everything a girl could want or dream of. It was more. We returned to his co-workers there with open arms and cheers. They had all known and were waiting for us. Then last year he won a trip to Barbados on twitter from Hockey Legend Kevin Weekes. We will never be able to thank Mr. Weekes enough for that trip of a lifetime. We fell in love with that island.

We have not been away in about 6 months.. which for us, is AMAZING! So I am getting claustrophobic. I am cranky. We have been busy. Between work and family and back to school.. life is a whirlwind. I love that about life. But it is time for me to run away. And Goalie recognized that. So he is planning something. I can’t wait!! I think we are going somewhere close. But you have to love a man, who understands your manic-ness and rather than raging against it (a-la my ex-husband) gives in, joins your manic-ness and takes you on a run away weekend somewhere. So gas up the car baby… here we go!


Chocolate Cupcakes

Today I made some chocolate cupcakes. Wait strike that. Almost every day I make some chocolate cupcakes. It took me many tries to find a recipe that I liked. It never happened. What I ended up doing is taking the bits and pieces of all the recipes I liked and making one that I LOVED. Some of you may like it, some not. My customer love it.

I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been up and down. Busy, Back to school colds, all valid excuses. But just that excuses. So as my penance, I am tackling a big fear. Posting a personal cupcake recipe. Why is this a big deal you ask? Many reasons. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe someone will think I’m an idiot, or my biggest fear- If they can make it themselves, why will buy them from me? I can only hope that I charm them and dazzle them and they are as pressed for time as I am. So here goes…. Chocolate Sin Cupcakes by VCVC.

2 1/2 Cups of Flour

1 1/2 stick of butter WITH salt (room temp. softened but you should not see your finger print in it when you pick it up, that is TOO soft.)

3/4 Cup of Brown sugar well packed

3/4 Cup granulated white sugar

2 Tbs. Valrhona (or any decent dutch process coco powder… yes it makes a difference)

1/2 tsp espresso powder

1 1/2 tsp Baking POWDER (don’t use baking soda it is NOT the same)

2 eggs (room temp)

1 1/4 cup of whole milk (room temp)

pinch of salt

Splash of vanilla


First get your ingredients organized… in a small bowl put your brown and white sugar. Turn your Oven to 350F

Flour.. now don’t go a willy nilly with the flour. I keep mine in big bins. Most people don’t. If you keep it in the bag or a deep container that is your best bet. Take a whisk and stick it in there… stir that flour up…loosen it. (I learned this at King Arthur School of Cooking in VT). Then Dip your 1Cup measuring cup that looks like this… a DRY measure

Then level it off with an icing spatula. That is the proper way to treat your flour. It will make a difference. You end up with too much flour if you don’t fluff it first and your cupcakes will come out dense.

So… back to the recipe– In the Large bowl you are going to put your Flour, Baking Powder, Salt, Cocoa Powder, Espresso Powder and salt.  Stir lightly with the whisk and set aside.

Now… pop your butter into the stand mixer… add beater blade and turn on to medium speed. Let it go for 90 sec or until light and fluffy. NO LUMPS.

Then add your mix of white and brown sugar… Turn mixer back onto medium until that is nice and smooth. This will take 2-3 min. You really can’t over do this part. You can’t over mix until you add the flour.  So the smoother you can get this, the better.

Add a splash of vanilla (the better the brand the better the taste. I use Prova or Neilsen Massey. But anything will do in a pinch. Turn that mixer back on until it is nice and combined and smooth. Smell it… I love that smell.

Add 1/2 of your flour mixture and 1/2 of your milk and turn the mixer on slowly. If you turn it on fast you will end up with a mess… it is fun, but generally someone has to clean it up and that always ends up being me. Im  not cleaning up after you, just saying. When that has gone for about 30 sec and is just combined, add the other 1/2 of the flour and milk and mix completely. (about 90 sec) Make sure you scrape the sides and the bottom of the bowl for rogue butter and flour.

The batter will seem thin, that is ok. Grab an ice cream scoop and the pans with cupcake liners that I know you have prepared (We are making cupcakes after all). Fill your cupcake cups about 2/3 full. I use Sutton Gourmet paper liners because I love the designs and they never bleed thru. But anything will do really. I am just OCD like that. I hate having beautiful paper that no one can see because the grease has seeped thru.

So after your tin is all set stick it in your oven for about 17 min (give or take a min depending on your oven) at 350 and enjoy!

And there you have it… My Chocolate Sin Cupcake recipe… I would love to know what you all think!



36 hours

Yeah. this TOTALLY happened!!!

I always have to giggle a little (because if I didn’t someone might get stabby-stabbed with a spatula) when people say, “oh you own your own business AND work from home? That must be so easy!” Uhhh sure. But in general people who work outside of the home get a day off, on that day off they do not have to go into their work place. Not so easy for me. I spend that “day off” cleaning my work place. I don’t often get to leave this space. When I do it tends to be to do errands and chores, often for the business. What it DOES allow me to do is work 36 hours straight in the span of 3 days and not waste time on a commute, still see my family and rock out to some killer music. A side effect of me having a week of working non-stop is my kids eating really odd meals and/or take out. Because the last thing I want to do when I take 20 min to eat dinner, is cook. I love to cook but when you bake that much in a short amount of time, the last thing you want to do is make chicken piccatta or chicken anything really. Cereal it is!!!

Side note- I am watching the Chew… when did Batali start going so bald?!?!?!

Ok back to the blog… ADD kicked in there for a moment. So why do I do what I do? I’ll tell you.  A little over a year ago I met a woman and her mother. They asked me about doing wedding cupcakes. I froze. I had promised myself I would NEVER do weddings because birthdays come every year, you can always get a better cake/ cupcakes next year if I don’t hit the mark right. But weddings come once in a lifetime if we are lucky, I don’t want to be the person who misses the mark and ruins a wedding for someone. But this woman and her mother were amazing. I could not say no. They had some amazing ideas and I really thought that it was in my skill set. So I agreed, and it worked. They were amazing clients and I was proud of what happened. This year, they came back for the mother’s anniversary!! 30 years, if only we could all be so lucky. I designed a small cake and some cupcakes. It was part of that crazy 36 hours. At one point I was so tired and the kitchen was SO hot, the cake started to slide so I trashed it and started over. I couldn’t give them something that was sub par. I was much happier with the 2nd cake, even if it was almost 3am.  I delivered the cupcakes the following day, to make sure they got there on time. I was hoping to get to see the client the next day, but I was busy meeting Dan Akroyd at the Patriots game (totally happened). But today I got something in the mail. It is what makes all the of the sweat and late nights worth it. Clients can be amazing. In this business, making people happy makes it all worth it. There are very few people like me who have made it rich in this business. We do it because we love it and because we love our clients. I truly believe every person should have a cupcake on their birthday and every small accomplishment should be celebrated. If we did that a little more often and showed those we care about how proud we are of them, the world would be a better place.

Finding the Happy in a Rough Time.

I am sorry I have not posted in FOREVER. Sometimes, life gets away from us. Recently I had some difficult decisions to help make that involved the health and care of a very close family member to me. Decisions that HAD to be made but that no one ever wants to make. That was so all consuming. Not only of my time, but of my energy and emotions. Many years ago, I learned that these things come up, and the best thing I could do was work thru them and “find my happy” along the way. So here are the HAPPY things that occurred in the storm of the past few weeks.

Punk and Bear started school!!! Wow 2nd and 4th grade!! How did that happen?


Happy #2- I became an AllRecipes All Star! I get to try out new recipes and review new products that are provided to me! I am so awesome I even get to use a disclaimer… So.. here is my first review for you all!! Disclaimer included!

Disclaimer- I am an Allrecipes Allstar Brand Ambassador (a voluntary position) and I’m not compensated for my work with Allrecipes.com. Products received from advertiser are only used for experienced-based reviews on Legalized Frostitution. The reviews, content and opinions expressed in this blog are purely the sole opinions of Cathy. This blog was written in support of Al Fresco and their Chicken Sausages.

I made stuffed mushrooms the other night. I had never really worked with cleaning out big mushrooms before. All I had ever done was chop up little white mushrooms. So I went with the recipe Stuffed Portabellas on Allrecipes.com. I checked the fabulous Youtube to find out how to clean those slimy suckers. Not the easiest thing ever, but not difficult. I was happy to find out that all you needed was a spoon. I was grossed out to find that the underside of a portabella, those funny line things, those are called GILLS… Gross! I wish I had taken photos of the process, but I didn’t. I was distracted with the emotional stuff. But it was WICKED easy and not hard to clean up. And they were super tasty. I loved the sausages from Al Fresco. There was not an over powering taste from the seasoning inside the sausage. One thing I generally hate about sausages of any sort is that they can have a strong taste of Fennel. I did not get this from the Al Fresco sausages. So, that being said here is a final photo of dinner… fresh out of the oven. It was SUPER good. Even Goalie who is not a fan of the texture of mushrooms loved it. The only suggestion he had (and I agreed) was to dry them better before starting the recipe.  Photo time!

Happy #3. This one has been my saving grace, the bright light (other than Punk and Bear). I’m getting married!!!! Goalie proposed a while ago while we were in Costa Rica. It was amazing. Now after 2 years, I am actively planning the wedding. I am making calls and getting going! Even just 10 min of this can make me smile. I know, odd. It was a goal of ours to truly enjoy our engagement and planning process. I am looking forward to some of the DIY. Maybe I’ll even share some of it with you!!

Ok.. I showed you my happy… What is yours?

Don’t Blink!

Don’t blink. Did you blink? I did, and now the summer is gone. I always start the summer off with sky high dreams of what we will do. Summer never fails to be an adventure for us. It speeds by in the blink of an eye and before I know it, I am writing their names on folders, pencil cases and notebooks. Having split custody makes summers difficult. I lose about 30% of time with the kids, plus some vacations. So I try to make the times that I do have them more special.

We started this summer with a BANG! My fiance of 2 years and boyfriend of 5 years (YES it is Goalie), moved in. It was a 75 mile move. Well worth the wait. Punk excelled at gymnastics camp and Bear rocked golf camp (4 weeks each). Plus we spend a week on the Cape. This year was extra special. Every year Nana rents us a house/condo. This year Bear, Punk, Nana (my Mom) and Gram (my Grandmother) all stayed in the same house together. This will be the last year that happens as there are some changes going on. While there Bear went to sleep-over camp at CCSC, Punk hit up the day camp. I think this place is Heaven on Earth. I went here as a kid, and I loved every moment. One of my counselors Lindsay Mead eventually wrote this in the Huffington Post about CCSC. She hit the nail on the head. Grab your tissues. In the evenings/afternoons Punk and I bond. We go to the pool or we hit up the trampolines where she did her first ever unassisted back handspring!! We visit, childhood friends of mine, who even after all these years, are closer than ever. We play mini golf and for 7 days, nothing is ever wrong. Bear shoots a BB gun while Punk goes for the bows and arrows at camp, they swim in a pool and the ocean and take nature hikes before  playing countless games of tennis. And then when we returned home Bear’s baseball team won 1st place in the Jimmy Fund 9 year old All Star tournament. I am one proud mama.

So tonight, as I sit here labeling things with their name and planning out their lunches, I think back on the amazing memories I have been a part of this summer. I think I am the rare mother, who hates to watch her children go back to school. Not only are they children, progeny, kids, siblings, they are my best friends.

But the fall brings some excitement also, weddings, baby showers, birthdays and back to school. Best of all Dr. Who will return! Apple picking is always a favorite of mine. I know no matter what is around the corner, it is an adventure we will take together.

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Holy Busy Week!!!

I had one of those weeks that just didn’t stop! I loved it. Sleep eluded me, but as long as I kept moving, I didn’t mind.When I sat down, that was a whole different story. I spent a few over nights baking, literally over night. When the rest of my house was sound asleep I was in my favorite place making my favorite food. Cupcakes. I COULD have done this earlier in the day, but then I would not be able to do things with my kids. I realized this week that the old saying “Work hard, party harder.” Takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids. I took a day off and spent 11 hours at a water park. Yes 11 hours. I destroyed my hair with chlorine, wrinkled my skin and killed my knee on stairs, I also worked at 5am the next day. I would do it all over again. It was worth every smile and giggle that day!!!

Let me show you my haven:


That is the main part of my kitchen. It is tiny, those 2 windows look out into a “jungle”. Ok so maybe they are overgrown weeds that no one will ever see behind my house before the giant rock face, but I love them because of how the sun filters thru on a summer day in the morning.


Meet my best friend and Roxy’s husband, Fritz. Without them, none of this would be possible.


My pretty girl, Roxy. She works as hard as I do.

My storage that makes it all possible.

So what did you do this week that scares you? Me? I participated in a farmers market. It was in Malden, MA. I sold my wares, and we did well for a first week. I was frightened on many levels. What would the heat do to my cupcakes? Would people buy them?? Was it worth all the prep work? Well, we did ok!!! I had Punk with me, and that was a long time for her, but she did ok. Nothing melted although I swear the heat shot up 20 degrees just before the start. I was also super happy that some of my friends came out to support me. It meant the world!! It was a LOT of work. The night before I took Bear and Punk to a Patriots game (her first) it was a late night to begin with, but this meant I had to work till almost 3am and get up and 6 and keep going to make sure everything was fresh. Was it worth it?? I don’t know.We will see how the rest of the season goes. It was a lot of woman hours, and it is just me. But with all the work I did, I still managed to find time for some fun with the family. Totally worth it!!! Leave a comment, what did you do this week that you were nervous to do???


Hot Hot Hot Fudge Sauce

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of ice cream. The toppings make the Sundae as they say! Or do “They”? Maybe that is just me. When I was a kid it was always a special treat to have ice cream before bed with my Mom. If it was a REALLY special night she would melt peanut butter in the microwave in the bottom of my bowl before she put the ice cream in. So, so, so good! I have always preferred warm peanut butter over hot fudge since then.

This week I decided that since Bear and Punk were with their Dad for the week and since I had been gone for a week with them on the Cape, I would do something special for Goalie. He started his new schedule and works until 9pm most nights. He also is picking up a TON of over time. I don’t suppose one can say thank you for that. I don’t have a job, I lost it a few years ago, I was laid off for being too efficient (true story) and basically worked my self right out of a job. I have the bakery but that is not steady enough to be reliable. So Goalie is our rock. I am not one who does well with this. I have stood on my own 2 feet for so long that having someone take care of me isn’t easy. I feel like I never live up to them and I can’t do enough for them. So I try. It isn’t always about gifts. Maybe some nights I let him play video games or zone out online a little longer than usual without me whining at him to change the light bulbs, maybe I have dinner on the table every night when he gets home, maybe I let him golf all day with his buddies while I stay home alone and don’t say a peep. To be honest, I don’t mind, he earns it. But that night I made him some hot chocolate sauce, I cleaned our bedroom (a feat in itself!), clean sheets, candles, the whole shebang! I even made our bed ( this only happens about 2x a year for “special occasions”).  I made a playlist on my phone (I had no idea how to do it and had to do a “quick learn” on youtube!) and I made some hot fudge sauce to put with fresh fruit. When he got home he got a full body massage, fruit and a nap!!! So here is, that amazingly impressive and totally deliciously easy Hot Fudge Sauce! What you do with it…. that is up to you. I am not responsible for any unplanned calories or children.

The one thing not listed on the board that I end up putting in EVERYTHING is vanilla. Good vanilla. Not the grocery kind. Splurge, if you can afford that scented soap by your sink, you can treat yourself to some good vanilla by Nielsen-Massey. Trust me, it will make a bigger difference than that soap!!! It tastes MUCH better!

First Melt your butter…. mmmm

Then mix in your sugar and cocoa… mix until smooth.

Add 1cup of Evaporated milk and a splash of vanilla… keep over LOW heat, if you turn up your heat it will not cook faster, it will just burn the chocolate. Keep your heat low so that it is just bubbling. It will seem to “grow” so be aware you may have to turn it down so it does not boil over. BUT you should be there stirring constantly for 5 min ANYHOW. Set a timer, do not skimp on this part. It is what makes it smooth and rich!

TADAA!!! You have HOT FUDGE SAUCE!! You can save it for a night in, or a fancy party, or a back to school/end of summer sundae bar for the kids. This recipe makes quite a lot so you should have enough for anything. Keep in mind it is HOT. I mean REALLY HOT. You can’t use it until about an hour after you have made it. You will get burned.

Soon after I made this Punk got hurt. She had trouble sleeping that night because her ankle bothered her. It was a really awesome Momma moment to be able to whip out some ice cream (store bought, that is my next project), put it into a giant bowl and add some home made hot fudge. 2 spoons, 1 blanket and some Olympic gymnastics on the TV while we watched Aly Raisman win   EARN a gold medal for her floor routine. Those are the nights that make all of the sleepless nights worth it.

So go.. make something small and quick… and make someone else feel special.