Oh Hello There!

I have returned! Please keep the applause to a dull roar. I am not even sure where to start to tell you about everything that has gone on! So I shall start with a photo and I will let you dream up the details.

ImageYup, we got married. I still get chills thinking about it 3 months later. I have been working hard for Boss Lady and spending a ton of time focusing on Punk and Bear. 

Bear has played a lot of baseball this summer. He plays on 2 all-star teams. He adores it but it makes it very hard to plan anything because the schedule is very volatile. It seems to always be changing at the last moment for one reason or another. I find this VERY frustrating since I am a scheduler. I may not be organized, but I am scheduled. His team did make several amazing comebacks in order to take 3rd place in the State Championships for the 9 and 10 year old division.

Punk started a new gymnastics academy. They opened a brand new gym and she loved the camp there. She starts work outs in the fall. I think that since she will have more focus on her that it will go better.

Both kids are at Cape Cod Sea Camps right now. Bear is doing overnights and Punk does just the day. It is the same camp I went to as did my mother. It is a haven on earth. One of those places that the world doesn’t seem to touch. Every morning I see the parents walk their kids across the Upper Field, drop them off with the counselors (it is really more like kids running to the counselors and the parents half waving hoping that the kids see them). Then the parent’s walk away dejected. For many years I thought that the parents were missing their kids, today I realized, that is SO not it. It is that we want to stay too, we want to be inside that bubble. Playing games, doing art, someone making sure we do our swimming lessons, that is the kind of summer we all truly want to go back to. Forget the grocery shopping and emails. I want to be back there.