New Year… New Name!

Oh my Golly, I had a whole post written in my head while on the treadmill at the gym. Apparently when I stop walking, a trap door opens and everything falls out of my head. Who knew? I was thinking about recapping the whole month.. but there is just so much to write about! The plague descended upon my house like you would not believe. We have been sick for 26 days. It has gone from person to person in several different forms. Punk hopefully has the last of it now.

Christmas was amazing. It might be the last year that Bear believes in Santa. This is a little bittersweet for me. I love the wonder in their eyes. I don’t over think it, I just enjoy it.

Wedding plans are moving along. Seems to be a touch of drama at every turn. I spend months looking online for the perfect invitations. I finally found them, but getting them printed on time OY.. I didn’t sleep for 2 days because at first we didn’t think we would get them on time because our designer told us last moment that she was going on vacation. So we got her to do them super fast! BAD IDEA. There were so many mistakes, wrong color, Invited spelled with an extra I, etc. We thought we had proofed it ok and off it went to the printer, and to vacation our designer went (less than 8 hours later). Well, wouldn’t you know we found a number wrong on one of the RSVP’s. So it was a small miracle getting that fixed involving a designer, printer, groomsman and groom. Yay team work! So I think we are good to go. I should have them Jan 2. I can’t wait. I am super excited to get them.

I used to make a huge list of resolutions ever year. It never really worked out for me. I would always disappoint myself. So resolutions aren’t for me. I like to look forward to something each day. When I wake up, I try to find the one good thing that excites me and makes me want to get up and take on the day. Whether it be cooking a new recipe, doing something special with the kids, talking to an old friend or finding a new adventure. It can be big or small. Do you do resolutions? Do you do something else?

Well, it isn’t much… just a bit of a catch up right now. Wedding t-minus 126 days 23 hours!!