Non-Traditional Tradition

Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow, so all of the commercials have started. You know the ones where all of the brothers and sisters come home to the house where they grew up and hug each other while the kids play quietly on the rug. Then they show dinner coming out of the oven, everything at the same time, cooked perfectly, piping hot and everyone smiling, not a crock pot in sight. I call Bull Shit! This has never happened other than in a Norman Rockwell painting!


While searching for that image, I came across this one, I prefer it much more. It is more of a representation of my life. The apartment, the wine, the bacon wrapped turkey… yes.. much more my speed.


But such is NOT my life. Why? You ask, I am divorced. So there is no such thing as a traditional dinner for me. Every other year I get my kids for dinner and every opposite year I get them for breakfast. My Mom and Gram come down to visit. This year Gram will not be able to make it, but we will go visit her in the nursing home after the kids head to their Dad’s. So a light breakfast while watching the parade on TV in our PJs while I cook the Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen and we eat it for lunch on a table pulled into the middle of the living room, thanks to limited apartment space. So while we don’t have that beautiful picture of tradition that the commercials show, we have our picture, and that is more beautiful to me than any Norman Rockwell. Traditions are what YOU make them. Not what someone else says they have to be.

Another part of Thanksgiving that I enjoy is the planning of the food. This week, is my heaven. Pouring over recipes for Turkey, Stuffing, Veggies and Pie. What will I make? Will I try something new? How can I get the logistics of my tiny kitchen to work together? This to me is fun. Stick a glass of Riesling in my hand and sit me in front of my favorite website- and let me have at it!!! I will come up with something delicious for us to eat in our PJs, I promise! So tell me, what is the one thing you are most excited to make for Thanksgiving and where did you get the recipe? (and can I have it?)


Tell me what is on your mind!

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