Oh Baby Baby It’s a Wild World

I always have to laugh a little. I don’t quite fit in. Not in a bad way, THIS blog by Cupcake Rehab got me thinking about it. I fall into the vortex in between the PTO and tatto’d Tardis loving baker bloggers. This has become most apparent with my wedding planning. Is there such thing as a shabby chic geek wedding with a ton of sparkle and crystals? I feel so bad for my wedding planner, I swear she will end up in therapy because of me.

So lets delve into the cupcake mistress and tear me apart and see what you think. Personally I don’t care where I “fit” I am who I am… and I am the happiest I have been in years.

As a mother I am very strict. Almost to the point where I feel bad for my kids, BUT because I am strict they are well behaved and are able to go places other kids their ages have never been. Last year I took Bear to the Superbowl XLVI. His first concert was the Dropkick Murphy’s with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Fenway Park, he also went to Cuts for a Cause and met all the Boston Bruins. Punk got to go see Miranda Cosgrove 2 summers ago in a very small venue and has been to Patriot Games. I also took them to Times Sq when they were 3 and 5 at 10pm with a lightning storm on the way. Thankfully it waited until we left at about midnight and were driving back to our hotel in Jersey and gave us an amazing show. They have learned not to whine when their feet are tired, not because I have yelled at them or because they get in trouble, but because they never know what adventure awaits them next and rest will come soon… but that adventure won’t be there later. I believe that life is a series of experiences. Take every chance you get, big or small. It could be a chance to walk a trail in the fall or a chance to go to London.

School always comes first. Grades have to be kept up. I don’t accept anything less than a B. Like I tell the kiddos, I don’t get mad, but you will spend more time doing homework and if you don’t have any, I’ll make some for you. So that those grades do come up. And that time could better be used out on adventures. But in the end, the things they learn in the world around them are just as important as those they learn from a book. I know many people in my life who are so “book smart” yet can’t cross a busy road without almost getting run over. 

So I may have tattoos, I can’t knit ( I have tried and tried ), I love BIG storms, I love glitter and tiffany blue boxes, I am a total geek who’s heart flutters at the sound of the Tardis, and I love to challenge my kids on Mario games, but in the end I am a Mom and I am me. If I ever needed a support group for people like me, I think I would be SOL. But I am lucky to have family and friends who are supportive to so I don’t need that group of crazies!!!




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