36 hours

Yeah. this TOTALLY happened!!!

I always have to giggle a little (because if I didn’t someone might get stabby-stabbed with a spatula) when people say, “oh you own your own business AND work from home? That must be so easy!” Uhhh sure. But in general people who work outside of the home get a day off, on that day off they do not have to go into their work place. Not so easy for me. I spend that “day off” cleaning my work place. I don’t often get to leave this space. When I do it tends to be to do errands and chores, often for the business. What it DOES allow me to do is work 36 hours straight in the span of 3 days and not waste time on a commute, still see my family and rock out to some killer music. A side effect of me having a week of working non-stop is my kids eating really odd meals and/or take out. Because the last thing I want to do when I take 20 min to eat dinner, is cook. I love to cook but when you bake that much in a short amount of time, the last thing you want to do is make chicken piccatta or chicken anything really. Cereal it is!!!

Side note- I am watching the Chew… when did Batali start going so bald?!?!?!

Ok back to the blog… ADD kicked in there for a moment. So why do I do what I do? I’ll tell you.  A little over a year ago I met a woman and her mother. They asked me about doing wedding cupcakes. I froze. I had promised myself I would NEVER do weddings because birthdays come every year, you can always get a better cake/ cupcakes next year if I don’t hit the mark right. But weddings come once in a lifetime if we are lucky, I don’t want to be the person who misses the mark and ruins a wedding for someone. But this woman and her mother were amazing. I could not say no. They had some amazing ideas and I really thought that it was in my skill set. So I agreed, and it worked. They were amazing clients and I was proud of what happened. This year, they came back for the mother’s anniversary!! 30 years, if only we could all be so lucky. I designed a small cake and some cupcakes. It was part of that crazy 36 hours. At one point I was so tired and the kitchen was SO hot, the cake started to slide so I trashed it and started over. I couldn’t give them something that was sub par. I was much happier with the 2nd cake, even if it was almost 3am.  I delivered the cupcakes the following day, to make sure they got there on time. I was hoping to get to see the client the next day, but I was busy meeting Dan Akroyd at the Patriots game (totally happened). But today I got something in the mail. It is what makes all the of the sweat and late nights worth it. Clients can be amazing. In this business, making people happy makes it all worth it. There are very few people like me who have made it rich in this business. We do it because we love it and because we love our clients. I truly believe every person should have a cupcake on their birthday and every small accomplishment should be celebrated. If we did that a little more often and showed those we care about how proud we are of them, the world would be a better place.


One thought on “36 hours

  1. Awww, that’s such a sweet note: such great reinforcement that you’re in the right field! And people are so silly when they assume people who work from home work less: I know for a fact people who work WAY harder at home than they do in the office!

    Also, I just realized that we’re almost wedding date twins (from your sidebar, not this post): we’re just one day apart! Yay!

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