I just fainted!

Shhhh did you hear that? The ground broke wide open when I fainted!! CupcakeRehab put a link to me on her page! Admit it, we all have a blog crush. She is mine. Have you seen her amazing recipes? I drool at her pictures and she has some crazy awesome ideas! Oh yeah and she has a pink Kitchen Aid named Lola (it is Roxy’s twin separated at manufacturing). To top it all off, she is wicked nice. When I started this, I asked her help. I had never met her, just looked up to her. Without question, she said yes. I will be forever grateful. Sometimes someone we have never come face to face with, can make all of the difference in our life.

This weekend for me, is full. I don’t mean busy. I mean FULL. One of those weekends where I have to schedule time to breathe. I love those weekends. I had it scheduled, breaths and all. Tuesday thru Sunday, down to the moment. Until I drove 100 miles to pick up Punk for Prep Team. While changing her shoes, I noticed her ankle was swollen. Immediately my mind when dark places, sprains, breaks and all sorts of bad things. Straight to the doctor. He confirmed she has something called cellulitis. It came from a bug bite that she scratched and got infected. We caught it in time, but had to watcher her very carefully because it can spread to her blood stream. She isn’t supposed to walk on it. So in addition to being at the doctors most of the afternoon, I now could not get any of the supplies I needed for the week ahead. But what I DID get was a super snuggly Punk. One of those rare days where she needed me. I sang her the Christopher Robin Song that I sang to her as a baby, and she burst into tears not wanting to grow up. She itched a lot last night, so I let her have some ice cream out of the carton with some home made Hot Fudge Sauce (recipe in the next post!) and I let her stay up with me and watch the Olympic Gymnastics. It was worth it. Sometimes snuggles help antibiotics!!

Here is a photo of her before Prep Team, putting on her brave face!


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