Welcome to my blog!!!

Good Afternoon! Thanks so much for stopping by! Somehow you have stumbled upon my blog. I don’t have a ton to post yet. We are still working on getting some of the techy stuff up and running. Thanks to my Geek Squad of Traci and Josh who are helping me. I’m not so good with the technical side of things. I can turn this thing on and hit the clicky buttons that make the words. This is all a learning process for me.

So what am I going to do with this blog???

1. At least once a week, I will do something that scares me. I will make something that I have never tried because it seemed too hard or because I was nervous about failing at it.

2. I will post REAL photos of my food. No setting up, no photoshop. This is about the food, not the photography. I want you to see what it will look like when you try to make it too!!! I can’t tell you how disappointed I get when I make something and then it isn’t stylized like the photograph. Sure it TASTES good, amazing in fact, but it doesn’t look the same! For me the focus is on the taste. Besides my house has crappy lighting, so this is my way of getting around that! Tadaa!!

3. I will tell you when I fail. It will happen. I will tell you why, how and how I fixed it.

4. I will prove, that cooking is NOT hard. It is just ingrained into us that it is hard, and people put SO much effort into it. They do that so they can get the glory at the parties!!  “Oh yes that onion dip took me HOURS” (sure if it takes hours to mix onion dip mix with sour cream!!) Yes, it takes a little bit of effort, but I think our view of the cooking world is slightly askew.

I went from not knowing how to boil an egg 8 years ago, to owning my own bakery. ANYONE can do this. No boxes, no mixes, scratch, easy, delicious.


Here is some Cupcake Porn on my way out!!


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